Freddie Mercury boxing champion? Get to know the almost unpublished side of the legendary singer

Today is my birthday Freddie Mercuryone of the most talented and influential singers in the history of music, and to remember his life, it is worth talking about a little-known face, which developed long before he was known as a music singer. what’s in.

Between 8 and 12 years old, Bulsara chicksthe name of the translator, lived in a boarding school located in IndiaWhere, in addition to developing his musical education, he developed his taste for boxing, to the point that he is considered a young man with a lot of potential to reach the top in the ring.

Freddie Mercury’s short career as a boxer

It was his friend Bruce Murray Who supported him in his determination to try himself in boxing, but his first fights were full of events more than he expected, as he ended up with serious injuries to his face, due to his desire to end every fight, without retiring, even though he was in the corner that they wanted to protect. .

All these factors helped to persuade Mercury to think better about what his profession should be, and at the same time, gained him a good name in the children’s sections of India, to the point of ensuring a great future for him if he continued as a boxer. However, just as his career began, it also ended.

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Why did Freddie Mercury stop boxing?

Finally, after several years of success as a children’s boxer, Freddy’s mother put an end to his career, finding his interest in a sport that she considered too violent to be alarming, so she suggested he take up the sport with less physical contact.

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Finally, after a pilgrimage to try new sports, he gave in to coincide, years later, with BRyan May and Roger TaylorWith whom he founded the queen and later added to it John Deaconthus conquering the music world both in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

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