A new Xbox update will make getting Game Pass for free with rewards even more convenient

Of course all the lights are on com. starfield For now, but the Xbox team isn’t resting on its laurels. In fact, they’ve been working on new features to improve the Xbox experience with a new update that includes a feature that will delight those who get Xbox Game Pass for free with rewards.

Through a post on Xbox WireMicrosoft shared all the news that the September update for Xbox Series devices will include

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The great thing about Xbox Game Pass is that it rewards you with Microsoft Rewards points for playing games and these points can be used to get Xbox Game Pass for free. However, the experience can be tiring due to having to navigate through multiple menus.

To change that, it will be easier to find rewards. To access them, simply press the Xbox button and go to the Profile & System tab, select your profile and look for the Rewards menu. More comfortable operation.

If you already have your Discord profile linked to Xbox, you can stream directly to the chat channels of your favorite communities (and where you have permission to do so). With this you can share your games com. starfield.

The update also enables dynamic refresh rate, known as VRR. This way your monitor will be able to adjust the refresh rate depending on the frames per second of the content you are playing. This way you will have a more flexible experience.

The update also adds new social options. For example, you can go to your friends’ profiles and ask them to join your gaming session. Your friend will receive a notification and can respond with a game invite, voice group invite, or message.

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That’s not all, as Xbox will also enable the option to report voice chat. So you’ll be able to capture 60-second clips as evidence to report people who violate Xbox’s conduct guidelines.

Xbox finally received these new features with the September update. Check them below:

  • It’s now easy to pair accessories to your Xbox console without having to press the dedicated button
  • Option to enable notifications to alert you when products on your wishlist are sold out or arrive on Game Pass

What do you think of all these new features for Xbox? Which of them interests you the most? Tell us in the comments.

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