Freddie Mercury, a seal from the United Kingdom, died after a dog attack

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Freddy Mercury, A seal was known to entertain fans in River Thames, West London, He died after being attacked by a dogAlthough animal protection associations tried to save her.

The seal was resting on the bridge Hammersmith when a dog bitten her, so she stayed with her Serious injuries requiring veterinary attentionAccording to the organization Saving marine life for British divers (BDMLR).

Seals Freddy was transferred to the wildlife hospital South Essex to be seen by a specialist veterinarian. However, after consulting with various specialists and carrying out some studies, the animal was diagnosed.Too bad“.

According to the Specialty Hospital, Freddy had a broken fin and dislocated his joint, in addition to not receiving good anesthesia.

‚ÄúSeals do not take anesthesia well, as they have a diving reflex and are not breathing. Although one can try to treat the fracture, It would be impossible to immobilize the limb To give it time to heal. ” Essex Hospital.

The diagnosis also indicated that, despite the antibiotics, the seal I was very uncomfortableShe did not want to eat, and was suspected of spreading infection from the bites.

“We believe that the only moral and fair choice we have is to end their suffering. We are currently confirming this with BDMLR,” the hospital reported on Facebook.

In this regard, BDMLR considered the seal It must be sacrificed Because he cannot return to the wild with only one fin, in case an amputation is possible.

“We have a strict policy of not placing animals in captivity, and the interest of seals must come first and foremost.”

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Freddie’s story caused various reactions on social networks, as people were attentive to the development of the seal, as well as the making Donations to Essex Hospital and the organization BDMLR, For which both entities appreciated the assistance.


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