Franke, together with researchers from CONICET, participated in a workshop on biomedicine in China

Within the framework of the Joint Center for Science and Technology (CONICET-CAS) and at the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), a delegation from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) headed by the President of the Council I. Franchi participated in a biomedical workshop focusing on neuroscience and infectious diseases where Researchers from the Council participated with colleagues from CAS.

During the opening, Franchi spoke about the Council’s guiding principles, how to integrate the organization, and reviewed the cooperation between the Council and China in the field of science and technology. “CONICET has an important history of cooperation with China in large-scale joint projects such as the CART radio telescope project, joint scientific publications and bilateral calls. A related initiative that brings us together in Shanghai is the National Bilateral Center established in 2019 between CONICET and CAS in order to strengthen the cooperation of communities Scientific topics of common interest such as climate change, environmental sciences, earth sciences, atmosphere, astronomy, and biomedicine.”

In addition, Franchi highlighted the joint work between the Council and CAS to implement the first workshop in biomedicine, and the participation of CONICET researchers specialized in neuroscience and infectious diseases: “The innovation process is an area of ​​utmost importance for the exchange of mutually successful experiences in the development paths of our societies.” He added: “I am confident that cooperation will continue to strengthen because the will of our academic and scientific communities in both countries to continue on this common path is more than clear.”

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Then from the field of neuroscience, the researcher presented by CONICET at the European Consortium for Neuroscience and Complex Systems Studies (ENyS, CONICET-UNAJ-HEC), Sylvia Cochin, Council Researcher at the Institute, together with specialists from the CAS for Biochemical Research in Buenos Aires (IIBBA Juan Belfort, CONICET-Fundación Instituto Leloir) Alejandro Schinder and Council Scientist of the Institute of Physiology and Biophysics Bernardo Houssay (IFIBIO-Houssay, UBA-CONICET).

From the field of infectious diseases, CONICET researcher at the Institute of Veterinary Sciences of Litoral (ICIVET LITORAL, CONICET – UNL) Hugo Ortega and Council Scientist at IFIBIO Cristina Ibarra, from the field of infectious diseases, also presented, as well as colleagues from CAS.

The opening was attended by Scientific Director of the Center of Excellence for Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, CAS Muming Poo, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Area of ​​CAS Zhenyu Wang, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Institute of Immunity and Infection of CAS Lubin Jiang, Deputy Director of the Center of Excellence for Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, CAS Yongyong Shi. The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Consul of Argentina in Shanghai, Santiago Cataldo.

On the second day of the workshop, CONICET researcher at the Institute for Biomedical Research in Retroviruses and AIDS (INBIRS, UBA-CONICET) Horacio Salomon, Council Scientist at the Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (IABIMO, CONICET-INTA) Fabiana Bigi, CONICET researcher at Dr. Rodolfo Ugalde Institute for Biotechnology Research (IIB, CONICET-UNSAM) Giuliana Casataro, Board Scientist at the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (IBBM, CONICET-UNLP) Daniela Hosbor and CONICET Scientist at the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (IBBM, CONICET-UNLP). Gabriel Moron Research Center for Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology (CIBICI, CONICET-UNC).

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Finally, Franchi met with the Deputy Director-General of the International Cooperation Office of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengyu Wang, with the aim of jointly identifying the best cooperation tools. Accompanied by the Consul General of Argentina in Shanghai, Luciano Tanto Clement. Previously, the Chairman of the Council toured with the delegation the Center of Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CEBSIT).

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