Airbus produces hydrogen for aviation in the UK

Hydrogen in Aviation is a new UK alliance to accelerate the arrival of zero-emission aviation through hydrogen.

Airbusnext to EasyJet, Rolls-Royce, Ørsted, GKN Aerospace And the Bristol Airport I have formed Hydrogen in aviation alliance (HIA), A New pressure group (lobby) l Promoting and developing the use of hydrogen in aviation.

According to them Explained by Airbus: “he The goal of a health impact assessment is to help government and policymakers identify milestones needed to ensure changes in infrastructure, regulations, and policies keep pace with technological advances. Pioneers in Zero carbon flights. This will include creating The way to expand the necessary infrastructure and political, regulatory and security frameworks So that widespread emission-free commercial aviation becomes a reality“.

Among the steps they consider necessary to achieve zero-emission aviation are: Making the UK a world leader in hydrogen aviationwhich first: “Additional measures must be taken to seize the opportunity, ensuring long-term employment and economic benefitsas well as achieving critical decarbonization goals“.

The other step, as we mentioned, is: Make providing hydrogen and the infrastructure needed to support zero-emission aviation a priority If we want to preserve the significant social and economic benefits of aviation.

Hamad International Airport has proposed turning funding for hydrogen research and development in aviation into a 10-year programme.

At the helm of Hamad International Airport, Johan Lundgren, Chairman of EasyJet, was elected Presidentwho declared: “There is no doubt about that The UK has the potential to become a global leader in hydrogen aviation, which could provide a £34 billion a year boost to the country’s economy by 2050.But to take advantage of this opportunity, rapid change is necessary, and now is the time to act.

He should Working together to deliver the radical solutions required by a sector as difficult to shrink as aviationSo we can do that Protect and maximize the benefits it brings to the UK economy and society We know that British consumers want to preserve it.

Hamad International Airport looks forward to working with the UK Government to ensure appropriate changes are made in funding, regulations and policies to accelerate the achievement of net-zero carbon aviation.“.

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According to data managed by Hamad International Airport, 81% of the UK public see hydrogen as the best tool to decarbonise aviation.. he 40% believe this is the main factorAnd Many others indicate that they understand that it will be necessary to combine hydrogen with other solutions Such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), capturing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere to achieve those net-zero emissions.

That too 91% of Britons would support the British government investing in hydrogen production and its use in aviation. a 89% believe hydrogen should be prioritized In sectors such as aviation.

in A survey of 2,000 people in the UK conducted by Easyjet He revealed that Half of those surveyed wanted to see the possibility of traveling around the world protected And the 71% are excited about flying on hydrogen planes In the future. A third of respondents also said they believe the aviation sector: “It plays a vital role in boosting the UK economyWhile 20% agreed that the sector plays an essential role in people’s livelihood. 92 per cent agree that there is potential to create many new jobs across the UK if the government invests more in new zero-carbon industries And 87 percent: “He is excited about the economic potential of the new sustainable energy economy“.

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