France publishes a list of possible sanctions against the UK in connection with fishing licenses

London regrets ‘disproportionate threats’ from Paris and warns of ‘adequate and measured’ response

MADRID, October 28 (European press) –

This Wednesday, the French government published a list of possible sanctions against the United Kingdom, such as banning the disembarkation of British ships, if fishing licenses are not approved, a measure that Paris has been announcing since the beginning of the conflict. With London over the granting of permits that arose after Brexit.

French government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, announced the sanctions, which will come into effect from 2 November, including “a ban on disembarking British fishing vessels in specific ports – six on the French coast -” as well as “strengthening health, customs and security controls” from the same vessels. .

In addition, the government also included within the sanctions “controls on trucks going to and from the United Kingdom”, regardless of the load they are carrying, French newspaper “Le Fígaro” reported.

Atal stressed that “if there is no change in policies” by London, this sanctions package could be followed by a “second” series with “energy measures related to the electrification of the Channel Islands,” which is dependent on a submarine. Telegram with France.

The dispute over fishing licenses occurred between the two countries after Britain’s exit from the European Union and after the United Kingdom refused dozens of permits for French fishing boats to operate in its territorial waters last month, in the face of protests in Paris.

In this sense, the French government has confirmed that almost half of the license applications submitted by French fishermen have not yet been accepted, despite them submitting the documents requested by the British authorities to confirm compliance with the Brexit agreements.

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Defending the sanctions, “our patience has limits,” Attal said, adding that Paris would not allow the UK to “wipe its feet with the Brexit deals”.

Under the Brexit trade agreement reached at the end of 2020, European fishermen can work in British waters as long as they can prove they have worked there previously.

UK responses

British Brexit Secretary David Frost responded to the publication of the sanctions. “The threats from France are disappointing, disproportionate and incompatible with what one would expect from a close ally and partner,” he condemned in a statement on his Twitter account.

Frost warned that if sanctions were “applied”, they would be “subject to an appropriate and measured response,” which demanded an “urgent clarification” from Paris, as he regretted not having received an “official form.” Telecommunications “.” In this regard by the French government.

He added that “the announced measures do not appear to be compatible with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and broader international law, and if they are implemented.”

Frost also submitted that the UK would raise its concerns with both the EU and the French government, arguing that it granted 98 per cent of European ship license applications. According to London, the rejected people did not abide by the agreement as they had no history of fishing in British waters.

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