France and the United Kingdom postponed King Carlos III’s visit to Paris due to the protests

The first reflections in the international policy of a state Massive push for pension reform in France. The Elysee announced this Friday Cancellation of the visit to Paris king of england, Charles III, due to strikes and protests against an unpopular increase in the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64 (with 43 contributing to a full pension). Agree to this action by decree In the past week it has turned the neighboring country into a social cauldron (with riots, mass protests and unlimited strikes in some sectors). The visit of Carlos III risked being busy. The French Presidency and the British Crown eventually agreed to postpone it.

This decision “was taken by the French and British governments after A Phone conversation this morningAnd the Elysee said in a statement that the cancellation was based on a French request, according to Downing Street, and this is the first time that a British monarch’s visit to France has been canceled in just 48 hours. Doubt, a severe blow to Macron, as the centrist leader from Brussels announced, after his participation in the European Council, that “common sense and friendship prompt us to postpone it.”

Carlos III planned to land on Sunday night in France, where his king should be First official trip abroad As king, since he succeeded Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September. One of the goals of the meeting was to make a improve relationships between the two countries, after the turmoil that followed Britain’s exit from the European Union. Indeed, already at the beginning of the month, Macron met in Paris with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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Germany, King’s first international trip

This exodus, which had been organized for months, was postponed to a later date due to the “new day of national action against pension reform,” scheduled for Tuesday. After the general strike – the seventh in the last two months – with Mass protests and numerous riotsOn Thursday evening, the unions announced the call for another day of this kind, for March 28.

Although the Guild Leaders were reluctant, some fighters had already expressed their willingness to do so Demonstration in front of the Palace of Versailles, where on Monday a dinner was scheduled between Macron and Carlos III. The king was due to fly to Bordeaux on Tuesday. On Thursday evening, a fire broke out at the door of the town hall. local media 89 Bordeaux Street It indicates that this important incident may have been caused by an extreme right-wing group unrelated to the protests against pension reform. Information not confirmed by the authorities.

The Ministry of the Interior reported 457 arrested throughout France During a stormy day of protests Thursday. Many of these interrogated people, mostly young men, usually leave the police station without charges or any kind of punishment, prompting Amnesty International to denounce the “arbitrary arrests”. Even two Austrian teenagers, who were in the French capital for a school exchange, were unjustifiably arrested on March 16 in the Place de la Concorde. The Council of Europe on Friday expressed “concern” about Excessive use of force by the French police against protesters and journalists.

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Given the social unrest in the neighboring country, the British press wondered for days under what circumstances the visit of the head of state would take place. In the UK it left a very bad taste in the mouth Chaotic performance of the French police in the Champions League finalBetween Real Madrid and Liverpool.

From the Elysee, they specified that the visit of the British monarch to France would take place “at the best time” later. will take place “in early summer”Macron himself said a few hours after announcing the cancellation. Buckingham Palace has indicated that Charles III and Queen Camilla would like to go to France “when they find an appointment”. He also made it clear that they will continue the trip next week to Germany, which will eventually be the King’s first international destination.

The communicative risk of the pomp of Versailles

The King’s visit had been the subject of discussion in French public opinion for several days. “We must separate the different issues. (& mldr;) We need diplomatic relations, and specifically, with the United Kingdom,” he emphasized this Friday Laurent Berger, CFDT General SecretaryIt is a union (moderately oriented) with the largest number of affiliates in France that leads the protests with the CGT.

Rather, it is not subject Jean-Luc Mélenchon“Now is not the time,” he pleaded, one of the key figures in the French left, for a meeting of this kind. “The meeting of the kings in Versailles dispersed by popular censorship,” the leader of France Insoumisa (affiliated with Podemos) ironically congratulated himself on Twitter.

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Cancellation of the visit not only for reasons of public order, but also for reasons of public order communication risks What does it mean for Macron to dedicate himself to a lavish meeting in this style at this time, when his popularity has fallen to its lowest level since the yellow vest revolution and a large part of the population accuses him of “not listening to” the people. His presidency – perhaps it was not the best time to dine under the pomp of Versailles.

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