According to NASA, a solar hole 30 times the size of Earth will cause a geomagnetic storm today, March 24.

A hole in the Sun will spew a strong solar wind
Agjero in the sun will unleash a strong solar wind on March 24 | Image: NASA

a “Coronal foramen“L 30 times size Land spread through sunthe launch of the solar wind that will strike Planet Earth today Friday 24 Marchfor whom solar wind It reaches speeds of about 500 and 800 kilometers per second, according to an expert from a pot.

All that is known about a geothermal storm is through the hole in the sun

Giant black area in suncommunicate Coronal foramenon Monday by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in a potInspite of that Alex Youngassociate director for science in NASA’s Heliophysical Science Division, says he is A natural phenomenonbut also a source Fast solar wind.

Those also known as Coronal foramenis defined as According to Solar Dynamics Observatory affiliate a pot.

When does the solar wind reach Earth?

We will likely start to see the effects of high winds March 24th“, Confirms Alex Young For the US broker, Business Insider.

the Coronal foramen From the sun is the source solar windWhich reaches a speed of about 800 kilometers per second. In this case, the wind is expected to be caused by it Coronal foramen It reaches Earth later this week.

What causes this phenomenon on Earth?

specialized in a pot Shows that when high-speed winds reach the Landthe particles and the magnetic field they carry will interact with magnetic field of the planet, “making it vibrate effectively or as if tolling a bell.”

“Stronger magnetic fields, such as those from coronal mass ejections, can cause power outages or disrupt communications technology.”

Alex Young, associate director for science in NASA’s Heliophysical Science Division

the Coronal foramen On the sun, even big ones like this are a lot less violent than people think. So, the main impact expected for today Friday 24 March he northern lights More lively, though it is not specified exactly where it can be seen.

Does the solar hole worry experts?

Alex Young Indicates that he is currently starting a new phase of augmentation solar activity where is the holes mitral It will be lower than normal coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and strong Solar flares They’ll be more common, Young said.

This may be a strong concern magnetic fields from CMEs and solar flares boosting power grids and satellites; However, these events are few and far between. young man He said that to him and other scholars, such as solar activity“,” It will become more exciting and interesting.

It should be noted that his young man He states, “There is nothing to be afraid of Coronal sun holes for the time being”, while Scott MacintoshThis is not unusual for the sun, but just the “dark side” of the sun, said a sun physicist and deputy director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. solar activity.

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