Condemning the Argentine opposition for preventing debates in Congress

Todos Front deputies Gisela Marziota and Paula Benaka called on the citizens to meet at 6:30 pm local time, near the legislative seat in this capital, under the slogan that Congress cannot stop, nor the right to retire. .

Through the social network Twitter, Benaca indicated that today more than 800,000 Argentines do not have access to this feature, which he considered necessary to move forward with the pension debt payment plan.

This initiative has half approval in the Senate, but has not yet been approved by the House of Representatives due to JxC’s refusal to provide the necessary quorum for the analysis of this and other projects.

MPs accused JxC of paralyzing Congress and approving replacements for those of retirement age but not enough working years.

For the first time in 17 years in Argentina, there is no organization of this kind and the opposition denies this fundamental right to society, said a statement issued by Marziotta and Penacca.

Four decades after the return of democracy, this political pettiness cannot be allowed in an election year. The text adds that Congress must work to discuss ideas and projects and, above all, to develop initiatives that guarantee a more dignified life.

The plan provided states that those who have not made the required contributions for access retirement can complete the remaining terms through December 2008 by paying the annuities.

In addition, it allows women 50 to 59 and men 55 to 64 who don’t meet deadlines, expect and start paying.


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