Foreign digital nomads have a legal framework in Costa Rica – Prensa Latina

While signing at the Costa Rica Convention Center, they noted that the regulation will contribute to improving tourism competitiveness and revitalizing the sector, by encouraging long-stay visits and increasing spending of resources of foreign origin.

The Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura, also stamped his signature on this legislation, which already contained models from the head of the Treasury, Elián Villegas, and the Interior, Michael Soto.

Alvarado noted that “this is a project that has the words employment and welfare written all over its pages throughout the national territory, because it makes it easier for people from different parts of the world to work in Costa Rica and that this attracts all possible investments and contributions.

He noted that digital nomads consume services and food, make purchases, use transportation, hire people, and all of that, he adds, generates more jobs in the country and everything comes for growth.

For his part, the Minister of Tourism stressed that the goal is to encourage long-term visits to Costa Rica and to increase the spending of foreign resources in the country.

After noting that the rule defines the category of non-resident immigrants for the beneficiaries, as well as the complete exemption from profit tax, Segura explained that it also gives hope to the tourism sector to revitalize it and with it the state.

He stressed that “Costa Rica can compete by ensuring the legal security of this target audience and taking advantage of the differentiation advantages that we enjoy as a tourist destination.”

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) highlighted that 32 tourism development centers distributed throughout the national territory have conditions for receiving and serving the digital nomads.

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Digital nomads can set up their “office” on beaches, mountains, volcanoes and a variety of Costa Rican ecosystems, ICT reports. msm / ale

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