Chris Hemsworth: Where to watch your best movie is not on NETFLIX nor on Disney Plus

Although fame has reached him Chris Hemsworth In 2011 when he played Odin’s son in the movie “bull” From marvel studiosThe actor has other films where he proves that he is more than just a pretty face.

Born in MelbourneAnd Australia. his brother look It was he who led him to acting, where he never thought of becoming a star, just like his younger brother HousamWho, by the way, was committed the following Cyrus.

When he was 19 years old, he was chosen to play irrigation Arturo In a TV series in your country. Since then, he has been selected in many projects on the continent.

Accompanied by international fame joining the being film From marvel; However, the movie that made the world know his worth as an actor didn’t arrive until 2013, when it was released.”Accelerates”.

What is the movie talking about?

Impulse, passion and glory‘, as it was known in Mexico, is a co-production between Germany NS kingdom United Which has biographical connotations and talks about the competition between mosques Chase (Chris Hemsworth) LLC Nikki eulogy (Daniel Bruhl), two car racers from Formula 1.

For subject matter experts, it is no secret that both are legends pilots They have innovated in the sport and the way they have risked their lives in every curve to be able to lift the trophy of the ultimate competition.

The film takes place in the seventies, when these two stars were still talent in a building, even the different nuances of his life and some brushstrokes genius Owned by both the outside and the inside a path.

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Why and where do you see it?

Although there are facts that have been changed or changed to improve the production rate, both Hemsworth How do Brule They play an impeccable role as they stand out for them chemistry On the Screen, like him gravity They can have two completely different people.

In addition, the director chose the shots rune Howard and the space saver sonora Makes the viewer feel adrenaline Wholesale, especially in the last race.

The actor plays one of his best roles in this movie.

the humor it’s a light, but without being silly, the aspect that gives the story more rhythm. As if that wasn’t enough, most of this work has been done using Effects my work, which makes the experiment more reasonable.

If there are not enough elements to convince the viewer to watch this tape, just take note Daniel Bruhl Recommended for globus From euro Previously BAFTA by doing it. At this last ceremony, the film received the award better Release.

A few years ago, you could have enjoyed this production in Netflix; However it is out of their catalog. Can currently be viewed through Amazon President VideoIt is not necessary to pay more than the subscription to enjoy it as many times as you like.

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