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Source: Clarí Do you know exactly what it is? Incognito mode in Google? Many have made it a preferred tool for those who want to explore the web without leaving any digital trace behind. This is somewhat similar to a mask hypothetical Which hides your online activities, providing… feeling to Privacy And not to reveal his identity. However, reality behind this Clear layer of Invisibility It's more complicated than it seems basic Scenery.

What happens to my computer if I activate Google Incognito Mode?

When the mode is activated Incognito mode in your browser, such as Google Chromeyou are supposed to be browsing alonewithout saving any record of your browsing history in The device you are using. In theory, this means you can search for sensitive information and visit websites Sensitive network Or simply keep your online activities away from anyone You don't want me to see the content you consume.

However, as we have seen in recent legal disputes in the United States, Things are not always that simple. Despite the privacy guarantees that In incognito mode, there have been cases where it has been reported that analysis tools, mainly, “cookies”“It continues to track your activity, even when you're in incognito mode. This has led to a series of lawsuits Against GoogleIt accused it of illegally invading the region Privacy of its users.

Google response

Response Google For these accusations it was Defense His position, indicating that Hidden mode It is designed so that information is not saved in your local browser history. However, the company has also made it clear that this is the case Incognito browsing A does not provide Not revealing his full identity Websites can still collect information about users' browsing activity, and even that is described in Perfect on your home screen when you start incognito mode.

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butDo you think it's enough for Google to warn users that websites can continue to track their activity in incognito mode? Or should there be greater clarity and control over how browsing data is handled while using this feature?

Moreover, this This is not the first time that Google It faces legal problems related to the privacy of its users. In the past, the company has been accused of tracking User browsing activity Even when they are in private browsing mode, which may violate privacy laws. Privacy And Systems to consumer protection.

But the controversy between Plaintiffs And the same Google Regarding incognito mode Raised some questions Even broader questions about online privacy and the role of big companies Technology companies In protecting user data. As our dependence on the Internet continues to grow and our lives become increasingly digital, it is crucial that we address these challenges Questions in a serious and thoughtful manner.

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