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Finally, Colombians will be able to heal US visa without the need To make long queues, because the US Embassy confirms that there are dates available.

Appointments to order or renew US visa In the Colombian capital, it took months and even years due to various problems that delayed the operation in recent times.

However, everything has returned to normal, as explained by the US Ambassador’s office, which indicated through a brief statement that those interested in “renewing” the document will be able to do so quickly, as reviewed to throb.

However, the simplification is only for two types of visas, the most in demand: reference B1, which is for those who go on a business plan; And B2 is required by tourists in general.

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Appointments to apply or renew a US visa in the Colombian capital used to take months and even years due to various problems Photo: kieferpix

The US visa for Colombians can be renewed in the coming weeks

The text began by saying that there is an open agenda for the short term: “Our consulate is working hard to reduce waiting time. Currently, there are appointments available in the coming weeks for those who want to renew a B1/B2 visa.”

It was clarified that appointments can be consulted online: “If you already have an appointment, you can go to the website and search for an earlier appointment.”

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Appointments are currently available in the coming weeks for those who wish to renew their B1/B2 visa. Photo: FTiare

The Embassy of Colombia in the United States and members of the State Department are taking steps to withdraw the US government’s visa requirement for Colombian travelers, on which the first steps have already been taken, although the analysis of this possibility has been cautioned. It can last several years.

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Meanwhile, the UK no longer requires the document from tourists from Colombia who want to stay in that area for a maximum of six months.


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