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As the Guatemalan people increasingly demand the dismissal of Prosecutor Consuelo Porras, President Bernardo Arevalo proposes amending a constitutional law to make this possible, after more than three months of ineffective efforts to stop the corruption that is permeating and plaguing the country. Central American nation.

The proposal, put forward by the first progressive Guatemalan president since the government of Jacobo Árbenz – which was overthrown by a US-sponsored invasion in 1954 – had not yet been discussed at this writing, due to the lack of Quorum In a hostile parliament, it delayed Arevalo’s inauguration and hampered his movements, no matter how simple they seemed.

This proposal allows for the dismissal of the Chief Public Prosecutor by decision of the President. Unlike current systems, which do not allow the Attorney General to be removed from office unless he is convicted in a judicial process.

In this context, the President of the Republic indicated that it is possible to hold a popular consultation to remove the aforementioned from his position.

The president said in a press conference: “It is an option that we are evaluating within the framework of legal procedures to liberate the Public Ministry from the political and economic network that currently controls it.”

He considered it clear that “without that piece, this recovery will not continue,” stressing the insistence on using all legal means available to him to effect the replacement of the Attorney General.

He reiterated that the resignation request from Boras is public and notorious, and is on the table, “and she determines by her actions whether she accepts it or not,” as he put it. But the prosecutor, knowing she was being protected by white-collar thieves, arrogantly announced that she would remain in office until 2026, fulfilling the mandate given to her by the previous president, Alejandro Giamatti.

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Minutes before that, the 48 cantons of the Totonicapán department continued to demand the dismissal of the Speaker of Parliament and her allies due to impunity and corruption.

Let us remember that Arevalo, after winning the elections in 2023, denounced the investigations carried out by the representative against his party, the Similla Movement, as the spearhead of the ongoing coup, promoted by the Guatemala Corruption Pact.


More and more sectors are speaking in favor of the dismissal of the Prosecutor and the Director of Public Prosecutions, who is seen, both nationally and internationally, as an unconditional ally of the white-collar and black-collar mafia that plundered and schemed. To continue stealing public money.

An example of the official’s disapproval appeared on Tuesday, when university, business, agricultural and civil society organizations and groups expressed their disapproval of the work of the prosecutor, who is not considered suitable for the position.

The positions of the aforementioned groups, which were expressed on the streets and in press releases, were made known within the framework of a regional summit on migration, attended by 20 delegations from the American continent, which confirmed the denunciation of the person who, until now, has been unable to combat impunity and promote, encourage and protect decency in the state.

But while citizens’ support is growing for the decision taken by President Bernardo Arévalo and his Vice President Karim Herrera to end Porás’ “dark cycle”, the Constitutional Court has once again protected him, by deciding that the time in which this decision was granted must be respected Written by Alejandro Giamatti, by the way, one of the main people Those accused of looting committed during his administration, and whom the MP refuses to investigate.

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There is no doubt that this battle to restore the rule of law and fight corruption puts everyone on the right or wrong side. As we noted, the Congress of the Republic is a reflection of this.

“As a president elected by the people, I cannot tolerate the continuation of this injustice,” the president said when he presented the initiative. A feeling that afflicts those who are tired of the dishonesty spread by those who have mismanaged that nation.

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