For German Social Democrat Schultz, the shortage in the UK is due to Brexit

Olaf Schultz, Germany’s finance minister and potential next chancellor, said on Monday that tanker shortages and a gasoline shortage, which worsened this weekend, in the UK were a “problem” linked to Brexit.

“We have worked hard to persuade the British not to leave the European Union,” he added [UE]Schultz responded to a British journalist who asked him about it “but ‘now that they’ve decided to do it, I hope they can manage the problems that arise.”

“Free movement of workers is part of the European Union,” added the Social Democrat, whose party (SPD) was in first place in legislative assemblies on Sunday in Germany, taking a little advantage from the Conservatives with the formation of Angela Merkel.

Despite the British government’s attempts to reassure its citizens, they rushed to gas stations in recent days, due to the shortage problems that the country is going through.

The shortage is also affecting the agri-food sector and is caused by a shortage of truck drivers caused by Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under pressure, the British executive decided, on Saturday, to amend its immigration policy after Britain’s exit from the European Union, and to grant up to 10,500 temporary work visas for a period of three months.

In addition, according to the British press, the government plans for the army, in the short term, to meet this shortage.

Olaf Schulz, who could become the next German chancellor, leading his party’s eventual alliance with environmentalists and liberals, said the “wage issue” and “working conditions” could have made the sector less attractive.

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