Floods in China killed at least 51 people, evacuated 395,000 – Juventud Rebelde

Beijing, 23 July. – Heavy rains this week in Henan Province caused damages of about 10 billion dollars, authorities in Zhengzhou, the capital of the Chinese province, said in a statement.

The devastating floods that hit central China have killed at least 51 people, according to a balance that was adjusted upwards on Friday by local authorities. Henan is the third most populous province in China, with a population of about 100 million.

In that city, firefighters and rescuers were working Friday with huge pumps to remove large amounts of water that had accumulated in the streets. President Xi Jinping said the floods have created a very dangerous situation.

One subway passenger told Weibo that first responders opened the roof of his car to get people out one by one. Other photos showed a passenger sitting on the roof of his car half-submerged in a tunnel.

CNN said the army was called in to boost relief efforts in the densely populated capital of Henan province, which received the equivalent of a year’s rain in three days.

The city recorded a series of rare and violent storms, which caused water to pool in the Zhengzhou subway, city officials explained in a message on social media.

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