A new railway line will connect the port of Alicante to the UK

Commercial Observatory of Alicante Port Authority Held a meeting with members of the Navigation, Logistics and Mobility Committee of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce, to Submit Work being developed by the Services Committee Paradwaneros Announcing a new launch! Line Railways with the United Kingdom.

Under the heading “Intermodality as a complement to services Paradwaneros From the port of Alicante, toThe seminar was opened by APA Director, Carlos Illino, who Highlight “The Great Potential For customs services in the port of Alicante and the “excellent opportunity” that is offered As a multimedia platform, With your rail connection as an alternative to companies road transport and become And therefore In the “reference customs” of the Levante region For exports and imports with the British Isles.

In this sense, Jesús Aznar, Director of Terminales Marítimas del Sureste (TMS), has introduced the new railway route that will connect the port of Alicante With the UK, which is due to start in October. With this port line Alicante Provides a new multimodal connection that allows containerized cargo to be transported from the TMS terminal, via Calais, to the Barking Terminal (London) in the UK.

This new railway line, which will have a weekly frequency with departure on Thursdays and arrival at Barking on Monday morning, was born above all with the transport of perishable and refrigerated products destined for the main warehouses of British food chains..

With the launch of this new lineAnd the Harbor Alicante Stay true to his commitment on impulse Measures aimed at reducing of carbon dioxide emissions2. In road logistics transportation, railways are gaining importance in the distribution sector and have become the most sustainable solution in transportation from goods.

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