Fittelson frustrated Hugo Sanchez as coach: “He’s still living from Real Madrid’s defeat”

In a debate with Jose Ramon Fernandez, David Vitellson attacked Hugo Sanchez and asserted that he used his 2004 victory over Real Madrid to “live from it”.

Regarding the match that Águilas del América will play against Real Madrid in July, David Fittelson and Jose Ramon Fernandez They had a discussion. Although the main topic was focused on the performance that the Mexican team should give against the Spaniards, the youngest commentator did not miss the opportunity to remember and He mocked Hugo Sanchez’s victory in 2004 when he directed Pumas.

“Remember the scandal caused by Hugo Sanchez when Pumas won the Santiago Bernabeu Cup from Real Madrid. Even Hugo Sanchez is still living on it, and it was a prep matchJose Ramon, said David Fittelson during his speech in the “Stopwatch” section.

The discussion began with a discussion about whether Henry Martin He will be a good reinforcement for Chivas from Deportivo Guadalajara due to the injury of Jose Juan Macías. In this sense, Faitelson confirmed that he is in a team Águilas del América are obligated to play at full strength Possible all their obligations, whether in the league, such as the League Cup and friendly matches against it Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester CityTherefore, Fernando Ortiz must have the strongest possible team.

David Fittelson has confirmed that Hugo Sanchez is ‘still alive’ from the victory he scored against Real Madrid when he led Pumas in 2004.

Josera He ruled out the position of his interlocutor and denied that the Eagles played with the intensity indicated by David. On the contrary, he stressed that the capital team’s main interest is financially benefit And even Merengue Square won’t line up its best players either because it’s a file Preparatory meeting.

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Jose Ramon Fernandez continued, recalling the comments Vittelson made when Real Madrid lost the relevant matches. “I don’t want to know if America beat Madrid in the scandal that Vitelsson will cause” Where is the European champion? “ They are preparatory matches,” the veteran journalist confirmed.

At that moment, David Faitelson took the opportunity to remember the match that took place at the Paseo de la Castellana sports stadium in August 31, 2004When the Pumas team was led by Hugo SanchezAnd the Beat Real Madrid by the slightest difference He won the Santiago Bernabeu Cup. In this regard, Joserra wanted to point out that Victory said More advantages After I got it in the field of Merengues.

Pumas was crowned at the Santiago Bernabéu with a goal from Israel Castro (Image: Twitter / @MexicoUd)
Pumas was crowned at the Santiago Bernabéu with a goal from Israel Castro (Image: Twitter / @MexicoUd)

Although Fernandez fulfilled his anti-American stance, he responded to comments made by Faitelson regarding the meeting they would hold against the team led by Carlo Ancelotti, at the end of the discussion the two agreed. David and Jose Ramon concluded that Real Madrid’s presence in the United States would be For financial purposes and for testing new players It can be incorporated into the form.

After winning his first league title with PUMAS National University, Hugo Sanchez was At the invitation of Real Madrid To receive tribute and dispute Santiago Bernabeu Cup In the same stadium. Thus, on August 31, 2004, he appeared in Madrid with a team made up of Sergio Bernal, Jaime Lozano, Joaquin Beltran, Dario Veron, Israel Castro, Husband Lopez, Leandro Augusto, Gerardo Galindo, cake Fonseca, Joaquin Botero and Diego Alonso.

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Far from what was expected by merengue fans, the two teams They engaged in an equal duel Which hasn’t been opened yet minute 70 When, after building the wall, Israel Castro He shot from outside the area and placed the ball at the base of the right post to defeat goalkeeper Cesar. There is no other goal honor the council and The Mexicans lifted the trophy.

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