Figures in history were builders

Freemasons have always lived surrounded by myths and legends about who controls this secret society, how it was created, and how it works. Many intrigues The most famous in history is attributed to those Freemasons who, Also, they have often been accused of being the true community that controls the world.

The oldest origin we can find is regarding it Creation of Freemasonry We find it in the thirteenth century, most of it settled in France. With high knowledge on Finance, Economics, Mathematics and PhysicsAt first, they only knew each other within their guild. Little by little, in the eighteenth century, these associations began to expand by other population groups, and the great expansion took place throughout the Anglo-Saxon world, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Within this colossal expansion, which continues to this day, Masons belonged All kinds of people and personalities Relevant history. Many of them kept a secret, while others were always known to belong to some lodges of Freemasons.


The great French Enlightenment of the eighteenth century was very prominent person in the letters and established him as the greatest exponent of the Enlightenment. He was imprisoned on several occasions for criticizing the Crown and the absolutist regime that was ruling France at the time. His body settled in Paris and was a part of the Freemasons for years.

Benjamin Franklin

One of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin became a follower of the Enlightenment when he traveled to France and England where he absorbed all the liberal ideology of the time. This led him to promote the independence of the Thirteen American Colonies.

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In 1731, Franklin entered as a member of the Philadelphia Lodge, and in his years in Paris, he became the revered master of what is known as the “Nine Sisters” Inn.

José Ortega y Gasset

Philosopher and writer José Ortega y Gasset became a Freemason and a respected member of this society in Spain, which currently has more than 350 members, like other illustrious Spaniards such as Manuel Azaña, Ramón Gómez de la Serna, or Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.

Alexander Fleming

The Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of penicillin, among other things, was also a very active and prominent member of the Freemasons. He belonged to many lodges that occupied high positions in the power structures of the community. Among them are the United Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Lodge of New York, two of the most important in the world.

Clark Gable

Actor Clark Gable has emerged as one of the best actors in classic American cinema. A person from Ohio joined Beverly Hills Lodge in the early 1930s, although it was known for disrespecting Masonic standards of good behavior.

After years of belonging to the arrangement, he was participating in notable films such as “Gone With the Wind” or “It Happened One Night”, for which he won his only Oscar.


Classical musicians such as Mozart were people who were very close to Freemasonry in their relationship with the supreme leadership of politics and leaders of the time. Mozart, a professor of classical music, became a member of the Freemasons at a young age and entered the Vienna Zur Wohltätigkeit lodge.

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Little by little, after his contributions and dedication to the Masonic community, he quickly became a Master Mason. His best friends and those close to him belong to or have a relationship with FreemasonsHe composed some notable works of Masonic gatherings such as Funeral Music in 1785.

Winston Churchill

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom From 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955, he entered Freemasonry with only 26 years old At the beginning of the twentieth century. When he came to power he was already a well-known Mason man, although he did not occupy a prominent position in society. Churchill was a regular at the meetings of his inn in Studholme, although he believed his entry into politics had pushed him to leave it.

Oscar Wilde

He was one of the most famous writers of the nineteenth century, and has been a part of Freemasonry since becoming a great friend of Prince Leopold in his college years in Oxford.

Wilde will start on his own In 1975, at Apollo Lodge, Which is still operating in the UK, and will later go to the Churchill Inn. Distinguished by his father, Oscar Wilde, a member of the Freemasons of Ireland, was an active member of the Masonic community, devoting many of his poems to the Freemasons, their relationship with them and their way of life.

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