Fast Racers finish Hitman III in under 10 seconds

He fought the third It is a game where you have to take your time. Find out all your options. Learn the paths and behaviors of your goals. After a lot of attention and dedication, you can become the perfect killer. However, there are people who do not want to wait. in this way, Two fast runners discovered how to finish the first level of this game in less than 10 seconds.

According to Speedrun.comCurrently, two people are competing for the fastest time to finish the Dubai mission in Assassin Third, This is Wreak and Der_Lauch_Linus. They both use a similar strategy They shot directly at their targets in the first quarter of the level. You can see this milestone in action below.

However, the nine seconds it takes to complete a level does not give you access to the highest score. Luckily, The player known as GuLe has found the right way to achieve this, and it only takes just over 15 seconds.

Undoubtedly, He fought the third It is ideal for anyone who enjoys completing games in the fastest way possible. While some of us can spend hours putting together an effective plan, these guys seem to have been born to be Agent 47. You can check our review of the game. Here. Likewise, IO Interactive stated this The new release was the most successful digital release in the series.


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