Bourdais, with the Council of Economic Sciences, analyzed state modernization initiatives

At the end of the meeting Edgardo Onto thanked Governor Gustavo Bordet, who is considered a “colleague and friend”. He also said it “was a very positive institutional meeting” in which they thanked the “constant readiness of the Council and the issues”. Effects “.


In this sense, he clarified that on the agenda is “enrollment in the public sector within the framework of the campaign that is being implemented so that all professional colleagues in economic sciences are registered”. He added: “We also put forward the idea. From a bill we are studying regarding the establishment of our own provident fund.”

“Concerning the dialogue with the accountant Grané, they talked about the daily relations that they have with public institutions such as ATER and the Ministry of Labor to move forward with measures that make modernization of the service jointly provided by the state with the help of the Council .. We are in the line of fire between the taxpayer and the state.”

Similarly, Onto referred to the measure that was implemented within the framework of the epidemiological situation as of March 2020, and said that it was “a destabilizing element for all economic actors in the state and the province. The state of emergency should be to cover the information needs of our customers and the state among other things. The matter was It was very difficult for everyone and it took a lot of personal effort from many colleagues, as well as many complaints from colleagues.” “The Council is an institution that has existed for 70 years, and we understand that the task of keeping pace with professional development is important,” he added.

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Similarly, Oneto noted: “From our organization we are ready to cooperate, we have offered our trained colleagues in various branches what is at our fingertips for advice and suggestion.”

For her part, the head of the Parana delegation, Mariana Viola, stressed that “this space they have given us is invaluable. Accountants are the necessary link between taxpayers and the tax administration, and those of us who represent colleagues have a fair obligation to establish these relationships and access places where we can It provides solutions.

Viola noted that they presented the points they had on the agenda, “with a very good reception, and the important thing is to work together because in this way the roads are paved. We have already started working with the Tax Department and the Secretary of Labor and progress will continue.” “We are listening carefully to the governor and will continue to advance on a common agenda,” he stressed.

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