Fans believe Harry Styles shaved his head

There have long been rumors of that Harry Stiles He’s secretly bald, but despite the long hair and bangs he wears all the time – which could be wigs – the singer has given his fans a new reason to think about his supposed baldness.

It was the famous account of celebrity gossip and revelations, Dioximewho posted information obtained by an anonymous fan that Harry had been found U2 concert at New Sphere in Las Vegas.

In the photo, Harry appears, from a side angle, with what appears to be a buzz cut… or perhaps revealing his baldness. “We can 100% confirm that he is now wearing a crew cut,” the account added.

Rumors of Harry’s baldness date back to July 2022, when an article appeared in Deuxmoi claiming that a “major singer and occasional actor” was “almost completely bald” and supposedly covering it with wigs.

Around the same time, a bizarre photo of Styles wearing what appears to be a separate part of a wig was shared online. Although the photo was never verified, that didn’t stop people from sharing it on TikTok and then going viral.


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In an August 2022 interview with Rolling Stone In the UK, the musician said his friend Kid Harpoon is “absolutely obsessed” with gossip. He also confirmed that he had not yet become bald, adding: “What about baldness? …It skips a generation or something, doesn’t it? If your grandfather was bald, will you be bald too? Well, my grandfather wasn’t bald, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

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Baldness or short haircut?

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