Original costumes from Netflix’s Grupo Milenio series will be auctioned off

Fans “the crown” You can buy costumes, accessories and decorations From the famous series Netflix At auctions Which will be organized by Bonhams auction house in February online and in London.

copy from Dressing table Isabel II And based on Green jaguar The Princess Diana piece used in the series, whose final season has been broadcast since November 16, is among 450 pieces for sale.

Poster for the final season of The Crown

When will the auction be?

The British auction house, Bonhams, will display it free of charge to the public in its halls in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London, before selling it at public auction in the British capital on February 7. Some items too It will be offered online from January 30 to February 8.

Charlie Thomas, director of the Bonhams group in the United Kingdom, was impressed by the “degree of sophistication” characterized by the accessories and dresses, and the way they were designed. “Unusual” decorations, Like a copy of the facade of No. 10 Downing Street, “It gives the feeling of really being there.”

Although prices for premium pieces are likely to rise significantly – Up to 50,000 pounds ($62,000) As for the coronation carriage, according to him – other pieces will be offered at more affordable starting prices, such as a pair of ceramic corgis, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dogsAbout 200 pounds ($250).

Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis present at her funeral | France Press agency

Benefits of physical auction It will be allocated to students of the National Film and Television School, In association with British production company The Crown, Left Bank Pictures.

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More than 11 million viewers have already watched the first episodes of the sixth and final season of the hit series

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