Facebook opens more than 50 vacancies and internships in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, so you can apply from Mexico and Latin America

Once again, Meta is opening training and job vacancies in different parts of Europe, Only available for Latin America. Meta is looking for Software Engineering profiles to profiles with a degree equivalent to a PhD in both machine learning As in infrastructure.

Firstly, for Software Engineering, these are UK internship vacancies only. Profiles with demonstrable software engineering experience who also have no problem writing code will be preferred. Meta claims that software engineers at Facebook help create “lThe next generation of systems behind Facebook products“And that they will also be dedicated to building servers and web applications.

The training lasts for a minimum of 12 weeks and applicants are expected to have no problem Java, Python, C++, Objective-C, and Javascript.

In addition, on the topic machine learning Infrastructures are looking for both individuals for internships As people for eight full-time vacancies.

In either case, applicants must have a PhD in Computer Science, machine learning or any other related field. While everyone is expected to have experience writing code in the languages ​​listed above, those who apply for a full-time position They should also have experience collaborating with different groups with different culturesThey are also expected to haveHigh levels of creativity and the ability to quickly solve problems“.They must also have some way of checking.”Important results“.

As in software engineering, the internship program for machine learning The infrastructure has a minimum duration of 12 weeks. As for vacancies for full-time employment, there are a total of eight available and selected You may choose to work in one of the following seven countriesUnited Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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To apply, Meta has dedicated pages for both full-time jobs and internships:

This is not the first time that Meta has opened an internship program exclusively to Latin American applicants. The first enrollment took place in 2015 and the company assures that since then, it has recruited more than 380 students from the region.

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