A strong response to the provocation at the Cuban embassy in Brazil (+ photo) – Prensa Latina

“The Brazilian people have shown their solidarity with the Cuban revolution and their condemnation of the blockade that imposes great difficulties on the island, as well as the media attempt against its government,” Central Unit Head de Trabjadores told Prensa. Latina (CUT) in the Federal District, Rodrigo Rodrigues.

He noted that in front of the diplomatic headquarters, “we gave an answer to those who tried to set up a circus to discredit the revolution and satisfy the false interests of those who embrace the anti-Cuban cause as a way of life.”

Several posters with slogans against the embargo against Cuba were accompanied by flags of different political colors, chanting in support of the island, a stronghold and guarantor of a great revolutionary action that left a free, independent and sovereign homeland.

Once again, a cordon of police officers split between the two sides in the middle of the street, Cuban music was broadcast from the solidarity side, with patriotic content, and chants were chanted against acts of destabilization and the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington. More than 20 years ago.. 60 years in Havana.

Over the past two days, other Brazilian voices have condemned Sunday’s riots in towns in Cuba, which have been wracked by the economic crisis caused by the unilateral action and the increase in COVID-19 cases.

Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva reaffirmed his solidarity with the Cuban people and government on Tuesday and called on the US President, Joe Biden, to lift the embargo.

“Biden should seize this moment to go on television and announce that he will adopt the countries’ recommendation at the United Nations to end this blockade,” the Labor founder wrote on Twitter.

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“What is happening in Cuba that makes people talk so much? There was a procession. I even saw the President of Cuba (Miguel Diaz-Canel) at the parade talking to the people. Cuba has already suffered 60 years of economic embargo imposed by the United States, and with the spread of the epidemic It got tough.”

For Lula, “If Cuba had no embargo, it might be Holland. It has intellectually prepared and highly educated people but Cuba cannot even buy respirators due to the inhuman blockade of the United States.”

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