Excessive winds leave Gisela Pulido without her debut in the European Formula Kite Championship

Excessive windWith winds gusting up to 40 knots, I left European Formula Kite Championship Which was supposed to start this Tuesday in UK waters. A funny sailor of Catalan origin Gisela Pulido He is part of the national team competing for two new spots at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

the 112 registered Representing 28 countries, they were therefore left on the floor without being able to start a competition that promises to be close by putting the European title at stake, but also two new Qatari places for the Paris 2024 Games, one of them in the women’s competition. One category and another in the masculine.

the Weather conditions It was so negative that the organization also decided to close access to the tents installed for the regatta.

The Spanish team consists of Gisela Pulido in the women’s category and Alex ClementBernat Tomas, Jacopo Espe, Carlos Espe and Marcelo Cairo took advantage of the day to review the tournament strategy and with their coaches Antonio Minguez and Asier Fernandez de Bobadilla… without being able to avoid the temptation to do some things. Low boards these extreme conditions.

With regard to obtaining a state position, Spain is one of my main favorites To win it in the women’s category. In the World Championship, the first qualifier, they came close to achieving this, and this time there are eleven European countries competing for the place: Spain, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Among them, Poland, Austria and Switzerland are the countries that emerge, based on the World Cup results, as main enemies.

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In the case of boys, there are 19 European countries represented out of 25, with Spain in the top 10 vying for the spot.

The meteorological forecast for this Wednesday continues to announce strong winds, albeit less severe.

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