49 seconds of leaked Rockstar game showing the main characters, graphics and a very special feature

Leaks related to “GTA 6” do not stop appearing, and new materials from the next release from Rockstar Games continue to appear. Approximately 49 seconds of gameplay can be seen Through some clips published by the page on Twitter/X gta6news_leaks. Although these videos were deleted shortly after their initial posting, they were available long enough on the social network to reveal new details about the game.

In the leaked clip, it can be seen that the next part will contain two heroes, or at least that is what will appear from the video. The characters are called Jason and Lucia, and both can be controlled Using switching mechanisms between them, similar to what we saw in “GTA V”although on this occasion it is carried out in a way that “More fluids“.

In this brief section of gameplay, you can see “to improve” in the charts compared to the 90 leaked clips that went viral last year. Additionally, the feature of switching between the two threads, as mentioned above, seems seamless and does not involve “animation” when switching from one to the other. As in “GTA V”, this is indicated in the lower right corner by an icon that says “Change to Lucia“.

On the other hand, there are speculations that the actress Alexandra Echavari Lucia can play, while the actor Brian Zampella He can lend his voice to the character of Jason. Whatever the case, the fact is that we are talking about two possible heroes in this new installment, and rumors indicate that it will be set in the city of Miami, just as it was in the game “GTA: Vice City”.

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It is worth noting that actor Brian Zampella, Stare in a short video It was recently posted with Sean Fontenot himself, who played Franklin Clinton in “GTA V.”

It is important to mention that an alleged voice memo has been circulated from Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick, which stated that “GTA 6” will be announced on October 23. However, as of now, the executive has not confirmed this information, and there is a possibility that the audio is fake. However, the announcement of this delivery is gaining more and more strength.

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