Everything we know about Prince Harry's upcoming trip to the UK

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The Duke of Sussex has to return to London in less than a month

His wife is not expected to accompany him, nor is he expected to see his brother.

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The countdown has begun. In less than a month, Prince Harry will travel to the United Kingdom. A visit related to one of its most important reasons, the Invictus Games, but, logically, it generates great expectations due to a possible meeting with a member of the royal family. This is something that has not been confirmed to happen yet.

The Duke of Sussex will be in the UK on May 8, attending a religious service to be held at St Paul's Cathedral in London – the same place where his parents, Prince Charles and Prince Charles, were married, to commemorate Diana. 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. At the moment, it has been confirmed that Harry will be in the British capital, but it is not known whether his wife or children will be by his side.

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Prince Harry at an event at the Invictus Games in Canada. /Gtres

In fact, several sources confirm that the Duchess of Sussex is unlikely to travel to the UK, as she has no intention of setting foot on British soil again. This is what expert Charles Ray said in statements to the English media, in which he confirmed this Meghan Markle He does not want to return to London. A few words were joined by the couple's biographer, Omid Scobie, who said that the Duchess had never felt at home in the United Kingdom and therefore did not want to return.

The unknown in the journey

Meghan Markle's absence from this trip is more than evident – barring a last-minute surprise – which also means that Harry will be in the UK alone, without his children, who will likely remain in California with their mother. These are details that would undoubtedly displease King Charles III, who barely gets to see his grandchildren from the Duke of Sussex.

The King really likes to enjoy his role as grandfather, and in fact, works whenever possible with the children of the Princes of Wales, to whom he is very close. However, he can't with Prince Harry, in fact, he barely knows them.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry during his visit to London. /Gtres

It is not clear how long the Duke of Sussex will stay in London this time, nor where he will stay, nor whether he will take advantage of the trip to see anyone in his family, especially his father. We know that the relationship with his brother, the Prince of Wales, is broken, and that William has no intention at the moment of patching things up. However, Harry has stated on several occasions that he would not mind seeing his brother, and even said that the complex health conditions – in reference to his father's illness – helped bring the families closer together.

Prince Harry is likely to take advantage of this trip to inquire about his father's health, as he did when it was revealed that the monarch had cancer, but it is unlikely that he will travel with his children, especially since Duke of Sussex He said he did not feel safe in the UK, after losing the legal battle over the issue of the permanent right to police protection.

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