Everything is ready for the 17th edition of the Villa de Leyva International Film Festival

This festival invites you to play, combine images, choose and find new meanings.

Discover universes that hybridize and monsters that inhabit each other, in absolute freedom. This festival will be as brutal as it is extraordinary.

The festival formed a platform for independent cinema by nature, and emerged among the cultural events in the country to present cinematic trends and identities from all over the world, to resist, innovate and surprise with unique experiences. For being original, pioneering, independent, risk-taking and above all: for managing to reinforce our unique seal of quality.


Movies 2023
More than 150 films are of great value to the festival. Movies that we sneak into and today we can watch face to face. +150 films that confront us, shake us, question us, and challenge us. Movies that ultimately change us.

We will present an independent, eclectic, diverse and varied audio-visual selection.


10 categories in competition, outdoors and in unconventional spaces in Villa de Leyva. Films for adults, middle ages and children. Movies all day, all night

Fiction, documentary, animation, experimental cinema, family cinema. Video
Carefully selected films and the vast majority, films shown for the first time in Colombia… Cinema from France, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, USA, Chile, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Latvia, Netherlands, Israel, USA The Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Colombia and many others.

More than 100 characters from the audio-visual scene. New actors, directors, producers, exhibitors, distributors and filmmakers will gather at Villa de Leyva.

+ Greetings to Jorge Ali Triana
Jorge Ali Triana represents for us history, transformation, exploration, and the game of letters, pictures, and tables. We want to pay tribute to his career and his great contribution to where we are today, through an audio-visual tour, accompanied by experiences, interviews and spaces for dialogue, about his tremendous creative process.

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We innovate, immersive experiences and enterprise development

Cinema experiences are possible…

LEVA Opera Project Laboratory
A space where new Colombian cinema is born… 7 narrative projects for debut feature films, selected by call, will include group workshops and private lessons, with experts in project development, script, production, screening and distribution.

Festivalito is more than just a festival, it is like a story. In Villa de Leyva, in the open air, amid trees and colours, we will have workshops, showing films from many parts of the world, accompanied by film forums. They will be educational activities that combine art with cinema, through which we propose new educational challenges through innovation.

At the Festivalito, children will decide which children’s film will receive the Fossil Festivalito award. A group of children between the ages of 8 and 12 will be the jurors and will have the last word!

Audio/visual event synchronization
A space for music videos and music films of all kinds… a place where champions of the music and audiovisual scene come together, a place where image and sound coincide. In SINCRO there is a competition for the best video clip award.

Cinema in 35 bricks Surprise show on the white walls of Villa de Leyva. The best music videos, demos and animations.

An original filmmaking activity created by the Cine Posible Foundation, a film set is built in the middle of the square, with all the real elements of filming. The actors, lights, camera, everyone is screaming action!

Behind the festival
Cine Posible is the organization that produces the festival year after year, under the supervision of María Angelica Tovar and Philipp van Heisenhoven, together with a team of permanent producers, directors, curators and consultants, at national and international level. Strengthening alliances between the Foundation, the public and private sectors, and embassies was a key factor in the sustainability of the festival.

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