El Salvador surpasses the United States and is the champion of the Beach World Cup

The beach soccer team in El Salvador ended their participation in the World Cup in Alajuela 2021 with prosperity and added a new regional title to their record by winning the final match over the United States on Sunday 6-4.

The United States and El Salvador met again in a final with Russia’s 2021 World Cup qualifiers in their pockets, but went into an intense duel with well-made goals.

El Salvador made a good start and advanced against the Americans with a goal from Elmer Robles from the penalty spot (1-0).

El Salvador showed the strength and quality of the previous matches, although the American team did more work and demanded Cuscatleca from behind.

Exon Perdomo expanded Cuscatlecos’s account by crowning an impressive one-man maneuver by Frank Velásquez and El Salvador finished off a blank goal 2-0.

The third goal of the Salvadorans was signed by Jason Urbina after a foul in the back that El Salvador did not forgive. He stole the ball and headed towards the goal to make it 3-0.

The first half ended with a 3-1 advantage for El Salvador, but in the second the United States closed the gap and closed the episode 6-4.

The last period was a defensive exercise for those led by Rhodes Gallo who was not allowed to go and were on the verge of scoring the seventh goal.

With the Russia 2021 World Cup qualifiers in their pockets, the United States and El Salvador are meeting again, this time to determine the 2021 World Cup champion in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

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The North American team responded with a goal from Jason Santos after Gabriel Silvera’s Chile. Santos himself put the United States close to a draw by scoring 2-3.

Fortunately for El Salvador, Exxon Perdomo seemed to score the fourth and fifth goals for El Salvador and add the trio to his personal account.

El Salvador secured its return to the World Cup finals on Saturday by beating Guatemala 6-2 and the team led by Rhodes Gallo will enter the World Cup Finals for the fifth time after eight years. The most recent was Tahiti 2013.

An own goal from Guatemala and the results of Heber Ramos, Exxon Perdomo, Elmer Robles, Robin Patrice and Frank Velasquez paved the way for Koscatlicos to qualify.

Showcasing six goals gives Cuscatlecos an amazing 44 goals in the tournament, with players like Frank Velasquez and Robin Patrice as their stars.

For its part, the United States qualified for the World Cup by beating Mexico 5-2 in the other semi-final match of the tournament, which is being held in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

For the US national team, this is the sixth time they have qualified for a World Cup.

The first regional title for the blue and white jersey was at the 2009 World Cup Finals in Puerto Vallarta when they beat Costa Rica 6-3 in the final and Agustin Ruiz finished the tournament’s top scorer with eight goals.

They also qualified for the regional final in 2010 but lost to Mexico 3-5 and two years later they reached the final again but lost the final match to the United States 4-5 at the 2013 World Cup in Nassau, Bahamas.

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The third-place match will be played between Mexico and Guatemala in an attempt to end the tournament in a positive fashion.


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