“European residents with permanent residence can study in the United Kingdom”

next one Saturday February 20 A large online university fair is being held for international students who wish to Realize your dreams and study in the United Kingdom. The exhibition is the largest to be held in the entire country, and although this year it is taking place online due to the pandemic, you will be able to solve all your doubts. what are you waiting for? Entry is free if you register online. As an appetizer for what will be the great college event of the year we spoke with Diana Villarreal, Adviser SI UK London University Gallery for Spanish and Latin American students. Diana explains, in broad strokes, some aspects that will be discussed online this coming Saturday.

In January this year, the UK said it no longer belongs to the European Union … Are we Europeans still eligible for a loan this year to study in the UK?

Everything European resident here and wish to study in the UK Before December 31, 2020 and with settlement or pre-settled status, you will have the opportunity to apply to Student financing (UK government credit) as long as you fulfill the eligibility requirements.

What is credit granting or student financing?

Student financing is a loan provided by the British government To cover the costs of education. These expenses cover the entire academic period for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. in addition to, Students will have the opportunity to apply for maintenance credit. This is paid directly to the student’s bank account, while the credit to cover the tuition fee is paid directly to the university.

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How much do I have to pay to the university if it gives me the loan?

As long as the value of a year in the college does not exceed 9250 poundsThe student will not have to pay anything extra. This is for undergraduates. In the case of postgraduate degrees, the balance is of a total value 11,222 lbs. If the postgraduate degree exceeds this value, the student will have to pay the increase.

How do I apply for an educational loan?

Once admission to the university is obtained, the application can be submitted online through the page https://www.gov.uk/student-finance-register-login. SI UK offers additionally Complete advice in the application process for student financing In addition to the admission process in universities.

Is it possible for me to study in the UK even if I have not completed my high school?

According to the circumstances of each student and the place of their previous studies. Some universities may consider it from Year Zero, which is known as Year Founded. In this case, SI UK makes a Student file evaluation Depending on the circumstances, we can determine whether it is possible to apply directly to the university.

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