Europe is considering entering the United Kingdom

After yesterday’s election results, Europe is starting to think about joining the United Kingdom. Since the departure of the British, the Old Continent has been in stasis, and the only way out, according to the member states, is reunification. “We can all be part of Great Britain, we can become Great Britain,” Commission President Ursula von der Leyen suggested this morning.

Europe would be willing to modify roads to enable driving on the left, abandon all taste in food, and even ban dentists. “Together we are stronger,” they recall from Brussels. “They left, but no one said we couldn’t catch them,” they insist from the EU.

After seeing the intentions of the European Union, the people of the United Kingdom demanded Brexit again to move away from Europe a little. The English do not want to know anything about the Europeans and are already thinking of building a wall surrounding the entire coast to prevent the entry of Europeans. “Since they are against immigration, they certainly respect it literally,” they say.

Geopolitical experts assert that there will be no effect if Europe enters the UK or vice versa, because due to the rise of fascism in Germany, very soon everything will become German. “The third time is the charm,” analysts lament.

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