ESG news: Iberdrola and BP create ‘mega alliance’ to promote green hydrogen

Iberdrola and BP have created a ‘mega alliance’ to promote green hydrogen and recharging infrastructure

They will invest 1,000 million in 11,000 recharging points and anticipate a capacity of 600,000 tons of green hydrogen annually.

Iberdrola and British oil company BP have concluded a strategic alliance to cooperate in strengthening public infrastructures for rapid recharging of electric vehicles that accelerate the penetration of electric vehicles, as well as for the development of large-scale green hydrogen production centers in Spain, Portugal and the United States. kingdom.

Specifically, Iberdrola and bp plan to create a joint venture with an investment plan of up to 1,000 million euros, with the aim of deploying a network of 11,000 express and high-speed public charging points in high-demand locations in Spain and Portugal, expanding access to freight for both cars Passengers and fleets of heavy vehicles and vans, thus accelerating electric mobility, the energy company said.

The plan envisages installing and operating 5,000 fast charging points in 2025 and reaching a target of 11,000 by 2030. To achieve this, both groups propose to include current and future fast charging centers in this joint venture. In addition, the two companies are collaborating to develop joint solutions for general and domestic freight in the UK.

Iberdrola has more than 2,500 operating points in Spain and Portugal and many others are under development. For its part, BP aims to rapidly expand electric vehicle charging points around the world, and continue investing in rapid and ultra-high-speed charging infrastructure. Electric vehicle drivers can now access the European BP network, with more than 10,000 charging points, mainly in the UK and Germany.

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