England or Mexico: Where will Canelo Alvarez fight next?

Canelo Alvarez could fight for the first time outside the American continent (Joe Camporeale/REUTERS)

Saul Alvarez He confirmed his temporary hiatus from boxing to address a health issue with his hand, but has made clear his intention to return to the ring in May or September 2023. Apparently, another of his wishes Appearing at a sports venue outside the United States And the most mentioned countries are Mexico and England. In this sense, your next stop can be determined.

Although the undisputed 168-pound champ has yet to express his opinion about the next destination in his career, his environment has provided clues about his potential bid in England. One of the characters that talked about it is Mauricio SuleimanPresident of the World Boxing Council (WBC), because in interviews and his social networks he winked at the European country.

In a brief appearance to the media, Jose Suleiman’s son said he knew Fan interest in Great Britain To watch a fight from Guadalajara’s home country, Jalisco. In addition to indexing cinnamon As the most visible face of Mexican boxing in the world, he announced that the decision would depend exclusively on the promoters interested in the brawl.

This is already a matter of one hundred percent promoters but the door is open. Everyone wants to see it and that’s the message Canelo has already received from the people. They want to see her there. “El Canelo is a huge attraction,” he declared.

Likewise, through

Hopefully soon 👊🏻🔥😃 https://t.co/dzWTyHybu1

– Canelo Alvarez December 4, 2022 “target=”_blank”>A verified Twitter account posted an anecdote supposedly living with a taxi driver from Great Britain. Before the end of the trip, his interviewer had asked him if Ever will Guadalajara appear in that country. Canelo was no stranger and responded to the text part with the ad “I hope soon”So this possibility opened up.

In this regard, the WBC president gave more details of his anecdote in front of the media mics. According to him, the native Englishman asked whether the altercation must necessarily be with a boxer born in that country, but the taxi driver’s forceful reply was: “No. Against whom. We want to see Canelo.”.

The Mexican will return to action after recovering from an injury (Reuters/Christian Carrion)
The Mexican will return to action after recovering from an injury (Reuters/Christian Carrion)

Another character interested in taking Syle Alvarez to Great Britain Eddie Hearn, head promoter boxing. For his part, he confirmed in an interview with his company’s channel that he had informed Eddie Reynoso of his intention Take your ward to a show in their home country. He even suggested a name John Ryderwho recently became a mandatory contender for the super middleweight championship.

“Fortunately John Ryder had the chance because he had a great year. Yes cinnamon Look out for that temporary WBO fight I would like to bring him to fight in the UK. It would be something historic for British boxing (…) I think Canelo would love it too. It seems to me that John Ryder deserves this opportunity after the amazing year he’s had.”

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According to Eddie Hearn’s words, the defining home pitches for hosting scrimmage are legendary Wembley and Emirates. However, the island can provide other options as boxers like Tyson Fury have written historical pages as well. In the list there is a file Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the O2 Arena, and even the Millennium Stadium Wells.

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