Elektra is selling the 128GB iPhone 14 for less than P14,000

In Electra you can get it every month Discounts And Promotions It is very difficult to find it in other stores, because on this occasion they announced that

iPhone 14

They can be found in their stores through less Follower 14 thousand pesos, Which causes the product to sell quickly.

Through its web platform, one of the largest and most popular stores has been created Mexicohas launched several promotions in connection with products Manzanawhich can be found at great prices and sometimes in sets any person They may attract you.

So below in dna40We will tell you all the steps to follow and the details of the promotion that has been launched Electra With the

iPhone 14

And other Apple-branded items that can be found in its physical store and on various special platforms.

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iPhone 14 at a discount at Electra

According to what is shown on the Elektra website, those interested will be able to purchase

iPhone 14

For only 13,949 pesos as long as the product is paid in cash. It is important to note that smart phone It has a capacity of 128 GB, as well as the processor Apple A15 chip.

On the other hand, you can find… iPhone 14 at 14,099 pesoswhich can be found in stores Manzana More than 17 thousand Mexican pesos.

If you are interested in any of the smart mobile phones shown above, we suggest you enter the following

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Where you can buy iPhone 14 With special discounts within the platform Electra.

Discount on iPhone 14 at Electra

Apple products with discounts at Electra

It is worth noting that in Electra Not only can you find promotions at iPhone 14, But you can also purchase sets that Includes hoursWireless batteries, general headphones, and more.

Among some of the offers Electra In regards products ManzanaYou can find the following:

  • The iPhone 15 256 GB plus headphones are priced at only P18,999
  • The generic iPhone 15 Pro Max plus watch is priced at P29,499
  • iPhone 14 Plus plus wireless battery is priced at P27,999
  • The iPhone 14 plus watch is generic for P25,499

It is important to mention that only promotions are concerned Progressing In case He buys he project cash, so you should take this into consideration before research to implement Purchase through the Electra platform in the department iPhone 14 And more.

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