El Salvador is committed to the 2023 Central American Games

Optimism about holding the meeting on schedule was the sentiment expressed by the representatives of 34 countries who participated in the Heads of Mission Symposium since Friday, receiving the latest information on the event.

At the start of the event, Mejias celebrated “that the Games will be held in a safe country which has been a concern for some” and welcomed the high-level work done by the Organizing Committee for the 24th Central American and Caribbean Games (COSAN 2023).

At the end of Saturday, a tour of several regions that will host the regional event, the oldest in the universe, together with the heads of missions and local directors, including the president of KOSAN 2023, Yamel Bukele, the Dominican Mejias, and the entire organization in these competitions, he expressed Satisfied with the progress in just two months.

“I take my hat off with the progress I’ve seen,” he said after touring the sports venues, especially the Central American Village and the Jorge “Magico” Gonzalez National Stadium, where the inauguration will take place.

I’ve been here for two months and I’m glad to see the progress of the work, we only have two months left to finish the works, I’ve listened to the explanations of the contractor’s houses and I’m leaving satisfied, in short, we’ll have said it’s an Olympic village to house our athletes as they deserve.

“We were here in 2002 and we are returning two decades later for the third match in El Salvador, and the message that we must highlight is the interest of the government of President Najib Bukele, in leaving a legacy for youth, students and students. The University of El Salvador, the way is the sport and as the head of the organization, I feel satisfied.”

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Before arriving at the facilities of the University of San Salvador, where the villa will be located, the group of chiefs of missions visited the Mágico González stadium, an area where the “anthill” of workers is working 24 hours a day so that everything is ready for the initial bandrelazo on June 23.

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