Can you find the lost headphones in the bathroom? Solve the puzzle in just 8 seconds – Teach me about science

It’s time to wake up your brain and give it a dose of fun and cognitive stimulation. Don’t miss the next visual challenge that will help you train your brain and mind in order to stimulate your cognitive abilities and increase your knowledge.

the next day puzzle Visual You will be able to participate and find a certain thing before the clock stops and hopefully you can achieve the optimal result in the specified time and you do not need extra time or a second chance. It is worth noting that this challenge has spread widely on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pay attention to each of the items and items shown in the following figure, you will be able to see the bathroom and some headphones are lost in it, you must analyze in detail to discover this object.

You have 8 seconds to find your lost headphones in the bathroom

picture: Cool teacher

Did you manage to find the headphones?

It is possible that you did not experience great difficulties in finding the thing, you are lucky and effective because you achieved a result in record time, this is an indication that you have nerves of steel and you can work under pressure. If you managed to find it, we congratulate you and invite you to continue solving other visual challenges.

On the other hand, if you are not able to find a solution on time, do not be discouraged, you will have new opportunities to continue to practice your abilities and show your abilities.

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picture: Cool teacher

Before completing the challenge, we would like to congratulate you for your participation and interest in stimulating your cognitive mind, and we will give you some advice so that you do not fail in future puzzles: Your chances of winning.

Share the science, share the knowledge.

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