EFE deposits its legacy in the Caja de las Letras

Madrid, January 31 (Prensa Latina) The EFE deposited its legacy in the letterbox of the Cervantes Institute, in a ceremony held today that concluded with a discussion on artificial intelligence.

The director of the Spanish Cervantes Institute, the poet and writer Luis Garcia Montero, confirmed that the “letter box” was opened to a “press reference” that was able to reveal “the dangers of post-truth” and the emergence of post-truth. Artificial intelligence in the “information glut that threatens our democratic systems.”

The international agency, which is celebrating its 85th anniversary, handed over to the entity's basement design manuals and some relevant photographs from its past, from Spain's history, including the coup attempt on February 23, 1981.

The President of the EFE, Miguel Angel Oliver, commented that it is about depositing a human treasure of language, in a place where the legacy of Gabriel García Márquez, Miguel Hernández, Luis García Berlanga, Miguel Hernández, Nancy Morejon and Leonardo Padura, among others. , is preserved.

The New Urgent Style Book, jointly published by EFE and Cervantes, and the Book of Majors have also now been deposited.

A panel of various experts discussed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on news and the dynamics of fake news and hoaxes with the help of new technologies.

Some examples, such as alleged calls from President Joe Biden urging people not to vote in the New Hampshire Republican primary, or the time it takes to reject hoaxes, were analyzed in the roundtable.

Zoraida Callejas, computer languages ​​and systems engineer (University of Granada); Ramon Salavería, professor of journalism (University of Navarra) and Desiree García, founder of EFE Verifica and director of digital content, spoke about these issues.

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