Ecuador is an attractive country for vegetarians in the world

Wearing cocoa or orange peel is an option that already exists in the world, and there is also talk of making it Banana clothes; The international community of vegetarians seeks to enhance their way of life in Ecuador, considering it a country rich in vegetables and fruits.

Emilio Carrion, the man from Guayaquil who brought the vegetable “granite” to Ordesa

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Vegan is a non-governmental, not-for-profit group from the United Kingdom that has been interested in promoting vegetarianism in Ecuador,”Because what’s missing here is promotion And you have the recipes to follow, because Ecuador is a paradise for vegetables and fruits,” Mauricio Serrano, corporate commitment manager for this initiative, told Diario EXPRESO.

He added that in Latin America, in the ranking, Argentina takes first place, followed by Chile, Colombia and Brazil, and now the goal is to attract more Ecuadoreans. In this group at the international level this year 629,000 people participate.

When I chose to eat more vegetables, I lost 12 pounds and my health improved. I eat meat or eggs twice a month. I am French and love the variety of vegetables and fruits in Ecuador.



We have worked with companies Increase the availability of vegetarian food in stores and restaurantsWe have made veganism more visible and accessible through our work. Now we imagine Ecuador, which has a lot of potential, not only for more Ecuadoreans to be vegetarian, but also to create businesses. And Serrano explained that the promotion that we will do will be on the Internet.

Business proposals even out of homework. “My family is vegetarian. My daughter Anna is 10 years old and is studying from Guayaquil online at a school in the UK. There he submitted an investigation to Making clothes from banana dregssaid Shami Coelho, a volunteer in Ecuador with a vegetarian community.

What is missing to develop the idea? Financing to bring technologyHe pointed out that in the world there are clothes made of cocoa and orange peel.

I’m a vegetarian, but I’ve tried to be vegan for six months; I decided after watching a video about the suffering of animals. My mom and brother have this lifestyle too.

Maria Paula Sanchez,


“We do not consume any kind of product of animal origin, nor do we dress their skin; in such a way that there are international initiatives to Making shoes from pineapple, mushroom or cactus. In Colombia they do it,” Serrano emphasized.

Diario EXPRESO toured downtown, Urdesa and the way to Samborondón looking for restaurants and vegan products and it wasn’t hard to find. Zarimport and Bhakti store is an example of this and contains beauty and personal hygiene products. Nadia Romero, who is in charge of marketing at Zarimport, said that this store has been registered in recent years Increased sales of products to vegetarians by 60%.

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