Economy. The G7 affirms its commitment to reforming the World Trade Organization and digital taxes

Madrid, February 19 (Europe Press) –

In their first meeting this year, the heads of state that make up the Group of Seven affirmed their commitment to reforming the World Trade Organization and agreeing on a new international framework on digital taxes, which is scheduled to be held in mid-September this year, according to what the Club of Nations stated in a statement.

Thus, the Presidents of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Japan have indicated that they will work “together” as “democratic and open economies and societies” to make 2021 a turning point in pluralism and formation. Economic recovery.

The G7 stressed, “We will continue to support our economies to protect jobs and support a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive recovery,” while maintaining their support for the most vulnerable countries.

The leaders expressed their commitment not to leave any geographical area or person “regardless of gender or race.”

The Club of Nations is committed to strengthening its “open” economies and societies, enhancing global economic resilience, and cooperating in order to achieve a “modern, freer, fairer and rule-based” trading system, and to reach an OECD solution on taxation. Digital Giants.

In addition, the Group of Seven major industrialized countries added that, in order to support a fair global economic order, they would be in contact with other countries, particularly the G20 countries, and specifically mentioned “the big economies, such as China.”

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