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RR | Bogotá | September 14, 2021
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Booking and Expedia have a strong competitor in accommodation reservations. This is fintech Revolut, which now not only manages financial services through technology but also offers accommodation bookings to more than 16 million customers around the world, through its Estancias service.

This new Revolut service was launched in the UK last July and is available to its users on any plan. Estancias acknowledges that customers can book their hotels on the same platform where their finances are managed. At launch, the platform rewards its customers by eliminating booking fees, as well as providing 10% cashback at the time of booking.

We know that people are willing to travel abroad as quickly as possible. “We built Estancias to make it easy to find the perfect getaway,” said Marcel Nikage, Lifestyle Director at Revolut.

As mentioned REPORTUR.comPeter Kern, CEO of Expedia Group, recently explained why his company is better and more comprehensive than Booking and Airbnb. Kern sees them as having much more potential at scale and strategically because they are strong in several categories, such as international travel, b2b, vacation rentals, and air, rather than just one. (Expedia explains why it’s better and stronger than Booking and Airbnb.)

“Our advantages are that we serve everything. I mean, while I keep joking with our team, I can mention the connecting booking flight. I always say, ‘Do you mean a flight?’ Come on, the flight is a flight. What is a connecting flight? So I think we have a lot Out of potential in general and strategic.I think each of them is exceptionally good in their own space.But we cover a lot of ourselves, which is we service everything.We go everywhere.We are very strong in certain categories,international travel.We are stronger in the air. “All of these are opportunities for us,” Kern said at the time in an interview with fintechzoom.

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