Economy and Democracy, by humble Guinghuan

There was a time, not many years ago, when I personally got the impression Democracies were doomed to spread everywhere. Insofar as the more advanced economic world was the standard against which the poorest countries wanted to appear, and to the extent that the “developed” world became democracies, it believed that Authoritarian regimes will disappear. In South America, North Africa, the Middle East, and in Asia, in the former Soviet Union, there were ongoing movements, which they saw were politically directed towards political systems of freedom, tolerance, participation in elections and control of rulers. In a somewhat intuitive way, and without thinking much, She linked the general economic and social progress of a country to democracy. Today I still have that perception, but a little less.

In addition, he believed that because democracies are the most powerful countries in the world, these countries will support the implementation of similar systems across the planet. I mean support, but not by military force, of course, but by other means, be it diplomatic, economic or other pressure.

As the reader will conclude, it was a bit misdirection. Already in the twenty-first century, and unfortunately for those of us who believe in the ballot box, democracies are not progressing as much as we would like. The fact that it is a democracy or an autocracy is practically irrelevant in the relationship between countries. Relationships continue to rest, as always, In mutual economic interest. Work is being done on a planetary scale to improve trade relations and deepen globalization, with great successes. But how states are organized politically is an uncertain story if the relationship is economically interesting.

The fact that it is a democracy or an autocracy is practically irrelevant in the relationship between countries. Relationships continue, as always, in mutual economic interest

There are current examples that illustrate this They are destroying my beliefs in the proliferation of democracies led by established democracies like the European Union. Here are some important cases:

  • China. The economic advancement of the Asian giant takes place in a strange mixture of communist and capitalism with capital letters. The government’s goal is It eradicates poverty and puts the country first The world in technology, economics, military power, influence … Under the system that allows it. As Biden says, Xi Jinping as a Democrat has no poetry. However, the country is advancing economically.
  • Hong Kong. Without leaving China, Democracy in Hong Kong is being crushed Overcoming international agreements by transferring the British colony. In memory it will remain that “One country, two systems“The world cannot do much, because this is an internal matter. The European Union and the United States will not jeopardize the close productive and trade relations with the Giant. Politically, the UK will welcome refugees, and that is enough.” Not surprisingly, democracy ebbed and the economy was absorbing.
  • Two relatively recent theoretical democracies such as Russia And the TurkeyIn practice, they are authoritarian regimes that apply known barbarism. The The reactions of the European Union are close to zeroIn exchange for energy dependence (Russia) and agreements to stop immigration (Turkey). Logically, for the European Union, the type of “democracy” in these countries is an internal affair.
  • SpainFull member of the European Union: People who committed the crime of voting were persecuted, beaten, raped, imprisoned, and exiled; As well as imprisonment and exile for exercising freedom of expression; Protection from the king’s alleged corruption. All this with the arm of justice executed It smells of anything but democracy. As for the European Union, right now, and it will last for years, it is also an internal affair.
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I am one of those who think so The European Union is a great economic club with a bright future. From this perspective, I understand that relations with third countries are dominant in order not to affect economic interests, regardless of their political systems. But it is more difficult for me to understand that the European Union does not enter into questioning the democratic quality of some of its member states. The Full democracy (Here) and Just a democracy all over the world , It can wait, For disappointment Of those who go with the lily in their hands and one day we thought it would spread like a oil spot.

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