Economic reopening after Covid-19 reduces UK unemployment

August 17, 2021, 5:32 am
LONDON, Aug 17 (Prince Latina), an official source reports that the UK unemployment rate fell in the second quarter of 2021, after restrictions were lifted due to Covid-19, although it still exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS), the jobless rate fell between April and June to 4.7 percent – 0.2 percent lower than the previous quarter.

The state authority also indicated that 182 thousand employees were integrated into their jobs last July, although it clarified that there are still 201 thousand fewer workers on the payroll, compared to the numbers recorded before the pandemic, where unemployment was at 3.9 percent.

By this time last year, we had millions of people on the government’s subsidy program, while others had their hours reduced, lowering wages, said Jonathan Atto, director of statistics. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has attributed the decline in unemployment to measures taken by British authorities to protect jobs during repeated lockdowns to try to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

We still have to face some hurdles, the official said, but the data is promising.

Although the UK continues to record alarming levels of infection with an average of 30,000 positive cases per day, in March the government began easing all restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 virus, urging workers to return to work as much. . The country is back to normal.


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