Economic authorities will visit investors in the United States and the United Kingdom

As stated in an official statement from the portfolio, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Fernandez Valdovinos, and the Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning, Carlos Javier Charuti, will participate in various meetings with investors in London (UK), Boston and Italy. New York (United States).

The President of the Central Bank of Paraguay, Carlos Carvalho, and Member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Paraguay, Liana Caballero, will be part of the Paraguayan delegation. From the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the authorities will be accompanied by Economy Director Felipe Gonzalez Sule.

The agenda includes meetings with about 25 investors in New York and Boston, USA, in addition to about 16 investors in London, UK.

At these meetings, an update on the economic situation in Paraguay will be presented, as well as the progress made on the reforms and measures implemented by the government in the first months of the administration, as detailed in the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

It is worth noting that during Minister Carlos Fernández Valdovinos' trip, the Deputy Minister of Human Capital and Organizational Management, Andrea Picasso, will remain as alternate Minister.

It is worth noting that in the last months of 2023, our country was able to contain inflation already within the 4% target, within which the Central Bank began to reduce interest rates. For its part, estimates indicate economic growth of 3.8% for this year, after the 4.5% result that would have closed in 2023.

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