Cameron visits Kiev and promises to continue supporting the UK

David Cameron went to the Ukrainian capital in his first official move as the UK’s new Foreign Secretary.


Return to the British government David Cameron This is not the place for my first visit to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

The new UK Foreign Secretary was received by his counterpart, the Ukrainian Prime Minister and the President. Volodymyr ZelenskyTo confirm British support in the counterattack against the Russian invasion.

The head of British diplomacy said: “We will continue to provide more moral, diplomatic, economic, public or military support than we need. Not only this year and not next year, but for a longer period than necessary.”

I did not find a Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro KulebaCameron promised to help Liberation of the Black Sea from Russian amikas. Ukrainian Prime Minister promises to help exports.

Not on the ground, as the last hours were marked by new bombing from both sides.

Searches are being conducted at the site of four searches in Russia on the third day, in Seledov, Donetsk region, where two people were found dead and two other people may still be under the rubble.

On the fifth day alone, 16 two drones launched by Russia were shot down in Ukraine.

From the Russian side in the area KurskIn northern Ukraine, electricity was cut off after a Ukrainian attack.

The Russian Defense Ministry also destroyed two Ukrainian drones in the Bryansk region and recently. CrimeaWithout causing casualties or harm.

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