Duque will talk about his peace policy and be a speaker in some forums at the United Nations

A few months after his departure as President of Colombia, Ivan Duque embarked on a working visit in New York, where he will speak for the first time before the United Nations (UN) Security Council, detailing the progress of the “Peace with Legitimacy” policy.

The first appearance of the Colombian president will take place before the aforementioned body, which consists of 15 countries and whose mission is to maintain peace and security in the world, under the presidency of the United Kingdom, which leads the commission for this month.

The head of state is also scheduled to hold a meeting with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. Meeting with the President of the Security Council, Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon, of the United Kingdom; And a meeting with the Global Director of the United Nations Development Program, Achim Steiner.

At the UN Headquarters, Duque will also participate in the “Peace with Legitimacy: Roadmap for Implementation” forum and will intervene in the UN Peacebuilding Commission session. Likewise, he will present the transformative legacy left by his administration in terms of gender equality and on the issue of the women, peace and security agenda, which has gone from being a government policy to anchoring itself in state policy.

On the other hand, the President will lead a conversation on peace with legitimacy at Columbia University, during which he will answer the questions of former Colombian Minister Jose Antonio Ocampo, and at the same time he will launch the English version of the book ‘Peace’. By Legitimacy: Deed’s Path to Peace ”, which he himself presented at the end of January this year, together with the Presidential Adviser to Stability and Unification, Emilio Archila.

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Agenda on Economic Revitalization, Sustainable Growth and the Energy Transition

President Duque’s visit to New York also has an important element in terms of economic revitalization, investment attraction, energy transition and sustainable growth.

That’s why the head of state will meet on Monday morning with executives from the investment banking group Goldman Sachs, led by Dina Powell, global head of sustainability and inclusive growth. Then, with international investors, he will explain to them the challenges of the Colombian economy and the advantages of investing in this country.

After that, he will visit the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange, where he will meet with the directors of the entity. There will be a keynote speaker at the international launch forum for the “Green Classification of Colombia: A Strong and Unified Framework for Classification of Sustainable Economic Activities and Financial Assets” strategy.

As the presidency explained in a statement, the event has two parts, one on mobilizing public and private capital for sustainability, and the other on Colombia’s roadmap for climate change adaptation and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Tuesday 12 April

He is planning a special event in which he will award the Boyaca Medal, in the degree of the Grand Cross, to Susan Segal, President of the Association of the Americas/Council of the Americas Center for Research for his work and commitment to the nation, which has strengthened Colombia’s role in Latin America.

To put the finishing touches on Tuesday’s agenda, Duque will attend a private dinner at the Assembly of the Americas/Council of the Americas headquarters.

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Wednesday 13th April

The Colombian president will participate in a conversation with Bloomberg on the energy transition, renewable energies, clean mobility and the hydrogen route in Colombia, which will be moderated by Ethan Zeindler, Bloomberg New Energy Finance for the Americas.

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