Dr. Enrique Barrios, Director of the Faculty of Medicine, receives the Medal of Medical Merit – Comment

“For his proven track record in health,” the State Congress gave the medal to medical meritDr. Miguel Trejo Ochoa‘, in his version 2021, to the doctor Jose Enrique Barrios Navarroboss medical school from Colima University.

The above took place during the solemn session where, in addition to this confession, Congress He gave an honorable signal to the doctor Laura Margherita Guerra InegizFor his distinguished career and contributions in the field of health.

Likewise, physicians: Eva Marina Mora Cañas, Iván Delgado Enciso, Juan José Evangelista Salazar, Karla Paulina Zepeda Verduzco, Oscar Alberto Newton Sánchez and Luis Javier Velasco Fuentes, all honored for their contributions and careers.

Eva Marina Mora CanasAnd Juan Jose Evangelista SalazarAnd Carla Polina Zepeda VerduzkoAnd Oscar Alberto Newton SanchezAnd Luis Javier Velasco Fuentes NS Ivan Delgado Inciso, a doctor belongs to medical school whose recent research focuses on developing his own and economical technology that allows tests to detect the viral genome of COVID-19 in the acute stage.

The event was attended by a representative of the governor Jose Ignacio Peralta Sanchez, owner Ministry of Health and Social CareAnd Picture of Leticia Delgado Carrillo, as well as the chief Supreme Court of Justice for the state, Bernardo Alfredo Salazar Santana.

Among the guests attended University’s president from Colima UniversityAnd Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermeno, as well as the chief College of Physicians Colima State, Christina Angelica Bayardo QuesadaDoctor’s relatives Miguel Trejo Ochoa, the name superimposed on the Medal of Medical Merit.

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During the event deputy Andrea Naranjo, President Health and Sports Committee from Sixty Legislature, stressed that all professionals who are registered for this award have sufficient advantages to become creditors of it.

Today, health professionals are on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic and are responsible for saving hundreds of lives. It goes without saying that not only during this pandemic, but throughout the history of Colima, however, we must say, they have not been exempted from discrimination.”

He referred to it as “sad” last year Mexico Prominent internationally for the number of deaths of doctors due to COVID-19. “In memory of all the doctors who lost their lives helping others and caring for and protecting their families and their environment, we remember them on this day.”

On her part, Dr Christina Angelica Bayardo Quesada, President Colima College of Physicians, indicated that the winner of the medical merit, the doctor Jose Enrique Barrios NavarroHe is a neurosurgeon who gave his life and knowledge to serve the community and even the doctor himself Miguel Trejo Ochoa became ill.

In her letter, the lawmaker said the pandemic has left a margin of opportunity in terms of mental health, in addition to emphasizing that chronic degenerative diseases and problems such as alcoholism and addiction must continue to fight public policies based on prevention.

It was also mentioned that Colima State Congress It depends on that organization for the initiatives that are offered in this regard.

Meanwhile, the owner Minister of HealthAnd Picture of Leticia Delgado CarrilloHe said that treating people and restoring their health fell on the shoulders of the medical staff, who had “dedicated body and soul” to this work.

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He said that these professionals “extracted all their experience, skills and knowledge to contain the epidemic,” and that thanks to the work of these health professionals, health services have not collapsed.

He said that this merit is a synthesis in the medical staff, a reflection of the extensive medical work for the benefit of society.

Finally, with representation State Congress, deputy Viridiana Valencia Vargas Repeat his appreciation for the doctors who have been recognized before State Congress, proceeding to deliver two confessions to Leticia Guadalupe Delgado Carrillo, as well as the chief College of Physicians from Colima, Christina Angelica Bayardo Quesada.

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