Dr. Christopher Kennett, new dean of the La Salle International School of Business and Digital Economics

Dr. Christopher Kennett, a native of the UK and a doctor from Loughborough University, is from this academic year 22-23 the new Dean of the La Salle International School of Business and Digital Economy (FICEDLS), one of the four centers structuring the knowledge and academic ecosystem at La Salle Campus Barcelona. Dr. Kennett takes over from Dr. Francesc Miralles, who is a key pillar in the establishment of the College and responsible for establishing its foundations and proposing its differential value.

The appointment comes at a time when FICEDLS is growing on its structures to consolidate itself as one of a kind business schools
State leaders based on its pioneering personality in combining management and technology. Dr. Kennett will work to build a new generation of business school for a digital world, adapting to the changing needs of society, and who aspires to become a knowledge hub for the sector through its educational programmes, quality research and joint ventures with the business world. “We need a new generation of business schools that focus on the importance of technology and how this technology is transforming businesses, economies, society and ourselves as individuals,” explains the new dean of FICEDLS.

Dr. Christopher Kennett believes in participatory, open, and collaborative leadership. His arrival reinforces the will of FICEDLS to open up to the world and to continue on the path of internationalization that began more than 20 years ago, the time when undergraduate studies began at _Management_ at La Salle-URL. Dr. is considered. Kennett is an expert in ‘sports management’, a discipline that is concerned with his doctoral dissertation and some of his most important academic publications. In addition, he was responsible for research and training at the Olympic Studies Center of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) before arriving at La Salle-URL in 2008, where he worked as Professor, Researcher and Academic Director of Business Degrees before. To be appointed Dean of FICEDLS.

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La Salle Campus Barcelona “thanks and congratulates the Dean of FICEDLS to date, Dr. Francesc Miralles”, who continues to be associated with the La Salle Campus Barcelona in various positions. Likewise, La Salle Campus Barcelona “wishes Dr. Christopher Kennett all the best and trusts that he will have the support of the entire community of people who make up the campus.”

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