Dominica honors UK and Canada for climate assistance

This recognition stems from its integral role in assisting the island nation in its quest to become the world's first resilient nation, according to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, during the closing ceremony of Dominica's Climate Resilience Implementation Agency (CREAD).

Skerritt highlighted the massive journey undertaken nearly seven years ago, following the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017, which underscored the need to adopt a better approach to rebuilding to mitigate future risks.

In the same year, the UK pledged $50.7 million in grants to support critical infrastructure projects on the Caribbean island, improving the water sector and rehabilitating major roads, ensuring they are more resilient to future extreme weather events.

Meanwhile, Canada announced a $9.25 million contribution to the Disaster Recovery and Resilience Project, an initiative based on rebuilding elementary schools, which highlights the importance of education in the country's recovery and resilience efforts.

Noting the collective efforts, the President commended CREAD for including Dominica in the Climate Resilience Model in line with needs recognized by the international community, demonstrating the potential when leaders act decisively to address pressing challenges.

Regarding enhancing resilience, Skerrit categorized the entity as a symbol of resilience and innovation for implementing capacity building initiatives to develop disaster mitigation and recovery policies.

He emphasized the organization's undeniable impact, attracting the attention of global entities and generating environmental awareness and climate action.

Looking to the future, Skerrit reiterated Dominica's steadfast commitment to achieving full resilience by 2030, recognizing the need for sustained collective action behind the vision of becoming the world's first resilient nation.

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Omani Riyal / Information Exchange Mechanism

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