Dominican Oil Refinery Shows Anniversary Progress – Prensa Latina

The foregoing was explained by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Leonardo Aguilera, during a service held at the Catedral Primada de America to commemorate, which was attended by the First Lady, Raquel Arbaji, the ministers, legislators and members of the council. Refidomsa PDV management and staff.

Aguilera noted that, “ When we got to this presidency in August of last year, losses were estimated at 1.6 billion pesos ($ 27.5 million), and at the end of the year, which was expected to be in the red, there was a blue sky, contrasting.

On top of that, in January we expected a profit level that, in practice, was three times higher.

He explained that the refinery, since nearly half a century in existence, continues to be a proud company not only for those of us who have had the privilege to work in it, but also for the entire Dominican people.

Likewise, the manager said that by processing all derivatives of its portfolio and delivering them in a timely manner, the company is the engine that sustains the dynamics of the republic in a continuous and smooth operation.

Refidomsa PDV is currently the largest fuel refining and storage plant in the country, with the ability to ensure supplies flow at the levels indicated by national demand.

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